I'm trying to explain myself as much as I can.

Hello everyone!

In this website you can find blog posts about anything I like and programs to download for free, including their source code.

About Me

I'm a computer nerd (or geek), programmer and music composer who likes to tinker with gadgets, like PCs and printers.

I'm a 14-year-old computer programmer with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and some experience in C++, HTML/CSS/JS, and a hint of Python, Lua and x86 assembly.

My Programming Journey

I started my programming journey back when I was 7-8 years old; I discovered a web tool developed by Mozilla called X-Ray Goggles that can view the website's source code by clicking on an element and modifying it. When the work is done, the site can be published to Mozilla's servers. They also developed Thimble (now they moved on to Glitch), a web tool that you can toy around with HTML/CSS/JS to make web pages - much like JSFiddle. This is how I learned HTML.

I then went online to search about HTML and I found some YouTube tutorials on learning both HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I clicked on the first one Learn JavaScript in 15 minutes and then Learn CSS in 15 minutes.

I always thought of these three languages forming the front-end web as like parts of the human body:


I can create computer programs by requesting me to do so on the contact section (I do them for free).


You can contact me by e-mailing or sending a PM on reddit.